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About NFPhq
nfpHQ is the dream of Darren Fittler who was frustrated by having to turn away people asking for legal help for their not-for-profit or charitable organisation either because they couldn't afford it or because he was too busy helping others.

Darren wanted to find a way to move beyond the typical approach of working with one organisation at a time (the old fashioned way), and to instead reach and serve thousands and thousands of people and organisations simultaneously (the nfpHQ way).

By breaking the mould, not only can we help more people in new and innovative ways, our approach allows us to make it super affordable and super accessible.

And when we say 'accessibility', we are not just talking about the price. We also wanted to create a place that was engaging, friendly and gave the information and tools people have asked for in a way that is easy to understand and maybe even just a little bit fun!

Through listening to the community, and because of his own experience, Darren knew that as well as providing great information and tools, there was something else he could provide. Something else hungered for.

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