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8 Sep 2020
If you are thinking of establishing a not-for-profit organisation or charity, or even if you are running one already, it is important to know the answer to the question of what a charity actually is. The answer might surprise you and is more complicated than people first think.
13 May 2020
When you are setting up a new charity or not-for-profit, you will of course need to come up with a name. Something that resonates with you and the team you may have working with and supporting you. This article will help you learn about the different considerations you should have while giving your organisation a name.
22 Apr 2020
This article will help you once and for all understand what not-for-profit is and how it is different from a charity, as well as break down some common misconceptions about not-for-profit organisations.
22 Apr 2020
If you have ever wondered what incorporation is or why it is beneficial, this article will help explain!
1 May 2020
Corporate social responsibility and philanthropy are increasingly being acknowledged as a necessary component of modern corporate activity. As well as being good for the broader community, such activity can bring direct benefits to your company, including by increasing good will and reputation, improving employee engagement and building client loyalty. One method often utilised to facilitate or increase corporate social responsibility and philanthropy is the establishment of a corporate foundation. This article will outline the key things to consider in deciding what approach is right for your company.
23 Apr 2020
This article will help you determine whether you are ready to incorporate, finalise the process for incorporation, and lodge the application forms.
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